Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas without the Beagle?

I apologize for my absence... But before Christmas is over... let us remember Charlie Brown and his beloved beagle! In my opinion; The Red Barron should hop back on his dog house... Otherwise he is in for a great surprise... Ladies and Gentlemen, the beagle named the Great Casey!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

how could you not love this face? ... he looks so innocent... but I've witnessed his stealth when taquitos are on a guest's plate!

Andy Norman said...

Actually, like how Snoopy would sleep on top of the dog house, Casey would sleep on the back of the couch instead of on the cushions.

The Brickman said...

Those pleading, innocent eyes have led me around like a bull with a rope tied to the ring in his nose ever since this guy entered our lives. People have no idea of the subtle cunning that lies behind those soft sweet eyes.