Monday, March 31, 2008

Time in a bottle

(One has to wonder, is she grinning at me, or laughing at me?)

Well here it is, we are at the end of another month. Can you believe how fast time flies? I recently heard a theory, well not to recently, but then again my perception of how long ago I heard this theory further proves it. I was reading a medical journal a while ago, longer than I thought. It discussed the perception of time, and why we see it moving faster and slower at different times in our lives. If I can find the article I will post it here, and do a blog on it… (Anna capturing time with photography)

As for now, I am once again getting side tracked. I read a while back that our perception of time is directly related or indirectly depending on how you look at it, related to the speed of our metabolism. Now if anybody out there has read something that contradicts this theory, or puts it to rest please let me know, I am writing about old information. Our perception of time was different when we were younger, time always seemed to move by a lot slower. As we get older, as I am sure most will agree, it sped up… Why? According to this journals research, it was due to the speed of ones metabolism.As children, we are growing fast; therefore we have a fast metabolism… this equals time perception moving slowly. As we aged, our metabolism slowed down… hence time moves by quickly the older we get. They used the spring fly (also known as the 24 hour fly) as an example, they also used hummingbirds, and small mammals that had a high heart rate, which equals a faster life span.

(Trust me, when you are waiting for soemone to look up so you
can take there picture, time can stand still)
These creatures perception of time were a lot slower than ours, now how they were able to base this conclusion I am not aware. I only remember thinking that this theory made sense. I have often reflected on my youth, and wondered why it always seemed like time crawled. Interesting no? Anyway, I was going to post more picks from Anna and my visit to Temple Square, but time is short today so I am going to just recap the weekend and share some cute picks of Anna.
(look how surprised she is that I am doing this)
(isn't she cute!)

(Anna looking at timeless antiques, ok I am through with all the time references)

This last weekend was spent by both of us in Concord. We try and rotate. As always, time goes by way to quickly and all of a sudden the weekend is over and we must part ways, tragic I know. We did, however get a lot accomplished. Anna picked out the invitations for the wedding, we also got shower invitations.
(they locked her out!)
We also got to do more introductions to friends. Anna got to meet one of my best friends and his girl friend. I will be posting pictures of Jay and Lisa soon, keep checking back guys. And I got to meet Anna’s dear friend Maria. On top of that, we accomplished tasks that had been looming, I got to study my camera more, and Anna worked on her final that was due… I will say no more. J We also got to go shopping together and play married couple at Costco, always fun. We had dinner at Chevy’s, thank you Emily. And that was it.
(Something is going on inside that head, I can sense the scheme)

(I think this was the, "you have taken enough pictures look"! see above.)

(Not quite sure what was going on here, most likely I was being mocked)

One thing that I find frustrating about being the photographer, is that I am never in any of the pictures. Here is my one appearance from the entire trip. However, the picture that I ended up in found above, I personally love. I will be posting again soon, so keep checking back... also thanks to everyone who has been leaving nice posts and questions.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Temple Square

I find there is great confusion when it comes to people understanding the Mormon religion. I generally classify these types into 3 separate categories; the ones who don’t know anything about the church and when asked or given the opportunity to talk about the LDS religion, usually mention they know very little except for what they have heard or seen on TV, from a friend, newspaper, etc. Then there are the ones who think, or claim to be very knowledgeable about the Mormon religion. These are the quote; educated religion specialists who have maybe read a book, or read a magazine article encompassing more than 8 pages of information abridged to sum up the religion. So of course what ever they claim to know, (or think they know) about the religion should be held with the utmost respect and regarded as true and correct… “Snicker”. And then there are the members themselves. Whatever group you identify with, all must admit that the headquarters of the church, is gorgeous.

Have you ever visited temple square in downtown Salt Lake City?
It is a must if you are ever in the area. Utah in and of itself has a lot to offer for tourists. Zion’s national park can take weeks to see, lots of great national parks, spectacular sites, outdoor recreation, etc. I had never been there, until last week. I was blown away with the architecture, the landscape, and the beauty of its natural surroundings. So today, and maybe for a couple of posts, I am going to be posting some of my pictures, keep in mind these were taken with a DSLR camera, also something I may post about latter.

Weddings are quite common. We ran into 2
Here are some shots of the surrounding area and landscape of the Salt Lake Valley...

One of the most famous places in temple square is the Tabernacle.It also happens to be one of the most photographed places on the grounds as well, and is widely recognized for its peculiar design. The Tabernacle was built before acoustic technology existed, not to mention it was built by the settlers by hand, with almost no construction equipment, very little supplies, and money.The Tabernacle was completed in 1847, which is quite remarkable for several reasons.One example for this is Carnegie Hall, a very well known music hall in NY which was built almost 50 years latter, and even then still significantly lacked the same acoustic performance that the tabernacle possesses. One other thing to mention is that Carnegie Hall was heavily funded, and was built when better sound technology existed, along with better construction equipment. Though the famous hall in NYC is better known, it is shamed when brought before the Mormon Tabernacle when it comes to acoustics and design. It is hard to say why this acoustic gem is so underrated; however, it also proves that most things that NY has are over rated. :-0 And yes I did just happen to have a picture of Carnegie Hall in my portfolio, though it is not a very good one.

The Tabernacles simplistic design has baffled many... Every hour a church representative goes to the front of the hall, and with out any use of sound amplification, demonstrates the halls acoustic wonders. The representative drops pins, and tears paper, which can be heard very clearly on the opposite side of the hall.

One last thing to mention is the pipe organ. It is the largest Organ in the world, consisting of over 1100 pipes, that is almost 400 more than the organ that resides in the new conference center, I will do a separate post for that building.

Other treasures that can be found within the grounds of Temple Square are statues.

The temple grounds are surrounded with beautiful floral and arbor arrangement, even during the winter time a balance of nature can be found anywhere one looks.Even the trees without the leaves have a natural beauty to them,Fountains are found trough out the grounds, and make for a nice place to sit and reflect.

As you can see, there are many great places to stop and think. Anna can be seen below, reflecting on why the flowers behind her have not bloomed yet.Speaking of reflection, I forgot to mention that there are 2 visitor centers found on the grounds, unfortunately I only got one shot of these 2 structures, and I am in the shot... Well that is it for now, next will be the Church's confrence center and the JS Building.