Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jared Takes a Bath

Here is a collection of bath photos.  Jared loves the water.  He likes to splash and play with his bath toys.  For a while I was storing his bath toys behind his blue baby tub.  I would take out one at a time for him to play with.  However, he caught on to where they were and kept twisting around to look for them like "what about those other toys back there".  I'd pull out another one and he would twist around again like "Mom, you forgot one".  He would never relax until all his toys were out and in the water.

Today, Jared took a bath in the "grown up" tub for the first time.  I've been nervous about making the switch because I'm paranoid about him slipping and hitting his head.  He did great . . . although he kept trying to get to his knees and touch the facet.  "Ooo shiny . . ."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jared Goes to the Park

 This is a collage of park pictures from the past few months. 

Sitting on a bench
Sitting on a blanket.  (Nice Hat!)

Silly Jared
Grass feels funny
Sitting with Daddy
Sitting with Mommy
Taking a nap - soooo sleepy

Jared Goes to the Zoo

Back in May we took Jared to the Zoo for the first time.  I was thinking he would love seeing all the animals but he was totally unimpressed.  He was looking around but didn't seem to register the animals even when they were right in front of him.  Oh well, maybe in a year or so we'll try it again.