Monday, October 6, 2008

Catching up

Counting Clare now counts 3 Clares. We just got a Kitty Kat. We would like to introduce Dante.He is 6 months old and according to the internet he is a seal mitted ragdoll. Isn't he pretty? We got him from an ad on Craigslist. His family was moving and couldn't keep him and his brothers and sisters. Dante is a real sweety--very loving and has the loudest purr you've every heard. He is still adjusting to his new environment but he makes progress everyday.

He is named after Edmund Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo. When we were driving him home he staged an amazing prison break. He ripped a perfect hole in the side of the box, jumped out and sat in the back of the car.Check it out.


Anonymous said...

very cool.

Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

welcome to the family Dante.... Maybe we should get together and have a play date with you and Nibley. I'm sure that he would LOVE that!

stina said...

Amara will be sooo jealous. I admit I'm a little jealous, too. He also looks a lot like my kitty that I had for many years in my youth. Good choice!

Momma said...

Rag Dolls are really such a nice cat. You will really enjoy him! Love the name.

Melanie said...

2 thumbs up on the name, LOVE count of monte cristo.I had a kitty growing up. Daniel was a toddler at the time and inadvertantly tortured it. It got outside one day when we went to church and discovered it's wild ferral side and started to leave us dead birds on the porch. finally one day he ran away. while sad, i still like to think he hooked up with a gang of other cool cats and had amazing adventures. Welcome to the family Edmund:)

BanAnna said...

Melanie, I'm sure your cat found fun cat friends and enjoyed the wild side of life.
Stina, mi casa-cat eh su casa-cat. Next time you guys come up to Livermore come play with our kitty (and us)
Cindy, thanks!
Beth, I'm sure Dante would love cousin Nibley.