Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snuggie Revolution

Well, I must admit to a bit of a goof up this Christmas. I bought Jonathan a really nice warm blanket when we were in Disneyland. It was even his favorite color. I was so excited. I just new he would love it.
Unfortunately, it wasn't a blanket at all . . . Yeah, it was a Snuggie . . . what is up with that! What self respecting man wears a Snuggie? In my defense it was all rolled up and on a shelf with all the other blankets. There should have been a big sign! Grrrrrrr!

Well, Otis likes it.

He staked his claim. The snuggie is now his.

Merry Christmas Oats!

1 comment:

Doug & April said...

Ok. I'll admit it, I haven't stopped in to say hi for a while.

Looks like you guys have had some fun adventures! Funny about the blanket though...maybe you can cut the seems out and square it off :) but the dog seems super happy lol