Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

For our birthdays this year (back at the end of Nov-beginning of Dec) we went to Disneyland! We drove up on a Monday morning, partied hard for a few days and then drove home Thursday night. It was fantastic!

As most of you know, Jonathan is a bit of a Disney fan :-) So, Jonathan planned everything and showed me the ropes. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Grand California Hotel and could go straight from the hotel into California Adventures. This was really convenient for mid-day naps and clothing changes after water rides.

So, here are a few pictures of our trip.

Here's the view from our hotel room. We were overlooking California Adventures and the monorail.

This is us the day we arrived just inside California Adventures.

On two consecutive nights we went to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean right before the park closed. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip . . . twice. Both times we got a boat all to ourselves and there were no people in boats ahead or behind us. It was like our own private tour. Plus, it was a kind a romantic holding hands and drifting through the scenes.

Jonathan in front of the ghost driven carriage next to the Haunted Mansion. For Christmas they had the "Nightmare Before Christmas" overlay which was so fun.

Jonathan is looking thoughtful while we ride Mickeys Fun Wheel. The first time we opted for a basket that rolls back and forth. It was terrifying rather than fun. I highly recommend the stationary baskets.

This is Jonathan's game face while shooting on the Toy Story ride. We really enjoyed the interactive rides like Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear.

This is us sitting in the Jeep on the Indiana Jones ride before it started.

Me screaming as we went down the Splash Mountain drop. This was Jonathan's favorite ride and we went on it several times.

Me in front of the Small World ride. It was particularly cool at night with all the Christmas lights.

A Word About Food

On our first full day we went to the Blue Bayou Restaurant. This is the one that you pass by when you're on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They have the pretty lanterns and the piped in frog croaking noises . . . and the best thing ever -- the Monte Cristo sandwich. These are fried turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches that you dip in whipped blackberry jam. Unbelievably good!

We also had a great breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe one morning. This is a restaurant located in the hotel. It was a buffet and we stuffed ourselves silly. We also saw Chip (or possibly Dale) who stopped by to greet all the kids.

The Storyteller's Cafe serves yummy Mickey waffles.

On our first day in Disneyland I spent a few minutes staring longingly at the caramel apples at a candy store on Main Street. So . . . Jonathan bought me two!

A chocolate covered, caramel covered apple. Yum! You should have seen the mess I made eating it too!

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Shae Ko said...

I love Disneyland. Next time stop by and visit me too!