Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dancing in the Park

This Saturday I got to go to Raley's Field to watch a River Cats game and see my brother Joe get his groove on. Joe is on a dance team (http://sim.dreamhost.com/index.php) sponsored by the Spotlight Dance Club in Sacramento. Part of their team performed on Saturday in-between innings at the game. I was really impressed! Joe was great out there. They performed 2 different numbers. The first one was all smooth and elegant but the second one was more spicy.

Here is Joe with the team. Check out the hips!

Getting a little sexy!

Showcasing his partner's spin.

Close up of Joe and his partner.

In action.
I wish you all could have been there. Next time you see him ask him to show you some moves.


Buppa H said...

Very cool. Go Joe!

Sorry we missed it.

Melanie said...

That is AWESOME! I officially live vicariously through Joe now, as he is living my dream!

BanAnna said...

Melanie, I said the exact same thing to Joe on Satuday! I always wanted to be on a dance team.

Anonymous said...

Freaks! Let Joe have his moment. :-)

Doug & April said...

How fun! That would have been fun to see.

Melanie said...

Joe is me and I am Joe, so don't you mean OUR moment?? :P

Bob Norman said...

Go Joe! We are proud of you!