Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cat vs Tree

We have an exciting match today folks. It's champion Tree McTwiggerson against challenger Edmund "Dante" Cristo. Dante is a newcomer to the fighting world but has shown definite promise in the practice ring. Tree is world renown for his phenomenal strength and his signature move known as "The Branch". Let's get started!The customary hand shake . . .And that's the buzzer. Dante takes an early advantage but Tree looks fierce.Things are looking good for the newcomer. Dante has Tree completely covered at the moment.Tree has got himself in a good position but Dante seems to be holding him off.Look at this! It's over folks . . . Dante can't possibly come back after a beating like this. He's barely hanging on.This is an unbelievable match! What an amazing turn of events!
Somehow Dante stays on his feet and continues to climb. (He didn't fall--inconceivable!)Wow, it's in the bag now! Dante, achieves a position of dominance and takes a moment to revel it his almost assured victory.But wait . . . he's stopped climbing. Did the judges just signal him?I'm sorry folks but it appears the judges are delaying a ruling on the official winner. Yes, I definitely heard Tree call out a "Best 2 out of 3" before the final buzzer.

Dante and Tree acknowledge the skills of the other. The opponents embrace in a gesture of goodwill and true sportsmanship.


Melanie said...

that is awesome, and i love the P.B. reference, too funny!

Buppa H said...

Dante is one cool look'in cate!

Buppa H said...

Oops! I meant cat.