Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A stitch in time, will save nine.

More than a few posts ago, I wrote about time, our perception of it, and the beauty of photography for being able to capture those brief moments in time. Those moments, in turn, become memories, and from there they have the power to invoke emotions that trigger all kinds of sensations. There are songs that I hear that can open the flood gates to memories from the past, certain smells can remind me off my youth; eye site is no exception. It is funny how many emotions, feelings, and memories are associated with the five senses, and can be triggered by them. I really enjoyed going through all the reunion pictures and remembering things we did, and feelings I had.
I honestly had wished that I had more time to filter through them more, but I rushed through to get them up and posted. Now, as time has allowed, I have been able to go back and look at them more closely, and in some cases I think... why did I include that? It's obvious I didn't check each picture when I was converting them from RAW format to jpegs... geek speak. The first priority, which started on the day we left Washington for home, was to weed through the ones that were out of focus. I felt a little overwhelmed, as Anna and I sat in the airport, waiting for our canceled and then re-booked flight...grrrrr. One reason for this feeling stemmed from the total size of the folders, somewhere in the realm of 7 gigs, or about 5600 pictures. I partially blame myself for this, I tend to be trigger happy, and take multiple shots, in the hopes that one will work out right. Then again I blame technology as well, size is no longer an issue when it comes to storage.
The point! As I began to finish the process, I started to really appreciate all the candid shots; I tend to prefer them over posed smiling... most likely this stems from my uncomfortable forced smile in which I look satanic, or like I am in pain. I also reflected on how grateful I was for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful gathering, and really appreciated all the time that was put into making it happen. I appreciated the warmth that was felt from all the families, and I am so grateful for the memories I have from attending. The reason I am touching on this subject again is because I just went through the folders from the reunion again, picking out my favorite landscape shots to post on my photography website. So today, I am going to post the pictures that I plan on using for Clarephotography.com. I also am very sad that no one got a shot of me being retrieved from the foliage after my attempt to go parasailing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, please read the comments from the last post.
Washington is a beautiful place, it seems impossible to take a bad shot. I actually had visited the state once before in January, but never had I seen it like this; in the middle of their pseudo summer. So, with out further adue here are my favorite landscape shots. I actually might spread them out over a couple of posts, to avoid making 1 gig posts... and avoid the wrath of Andy... :-)The one above was taken on the beach at sunset where we went kayaking. The one below was taken on the Ferry, on our way to Canada.These were the flowers that could be found on Reed and Cathy's deck. Sometimes you don't have to go far, the eagle at the top was also taken from their deck. The ones found below were taken on our first hike to Deception Pass. The ones below were also taken on that same hike, I was switching between Black and White and color, so the ones below were all taken in Black and White.The ones below are of Reed and Cathy's beach.
And last for this post, these were taken on our way or at Victoria Island.


Melanie said...

you got so many amazing pictures and the rest of us benefited from your aching trigger finger! totally know what you are saying about memories. uncle dick's blog has been so fun because you look at the pictures and it makes those memories even greater, being able to see everybody in pictures and remember how much fun it was. i shamelessly brag to everyone how amazing my extended family is. some of the pics of washington seem unreal they are so beautiful. the last one on here is really something.

The Brickman said...

What great pictures. I have been trying for a long time to capture the beauty of the things I see here every day. When I see the picturea I have taken I am frequently disappointed and reminded of how difficult it is and how much practice and study is required to capture the real beauty of our world.

Anonymous said...

I think that you are not giving yourself enough credit Mr. Brickman. I've said it before; I am not that good, but I take a lot of pictures and sometimes one good one will end up in the bunch.

Buppa H said...

I am glad you were "trigger happy." Not only did we end up with a few gems but a treasure trove of beautiful photos and happy memories.

I love the black and white shots, especially the one of the pier.

Thanks again for such a wonderful gift.

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