Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 Jared was Super Mario for Halloween this year.  Easiest costume ever! 
  • Red shirt
  • Overalls (add yellow felt buttons)
  • Red hat (add white circle and red letter "M")
  • Felt mustache (glued to binky)

We only went to 5 houses.  Jared doesn't eat candy yet but we wanted him to enjoy a little of the Halloween experience.  Plus it made for a fun photo op :-) He seemed to enjoy seeing all the kids come to the door though.  We didn't get so many trick-or-treaters this year.  It started raining around 8pm and very few kids came after that.  We had quite a bit of left over candy.  I made Jonathan hide it from me.  Alas, willpower is not my strong suit. . .

1 comment:

Doug & April said...

So cute!!

(I would have eaten all the candy too!! LOL )