Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tummy Time

These first two pictures show Jared at 1 month old during tummy time. (He wasn't a big fan of tummy time at first.  He'd start to fuss and cry after just a few minutes.)

 As he's gotten older though he's been able to tolerate longer stretches of time and now seems to enjoy it.  Below are a couple pictures of his trademark move, "the skydiver".  He pulls up his arms and legs and just hovers on his stomach.  He's of course panting the whole time from the effort. It totally cracks me up!

 Jared can also now roll himself from his back to his stomach.  He is very proud of this new skill and performs it at every opportunity.  Unfortunately, he doesn't always want to be on his tummy.  So he'll roll himself over and then start crying because he can't roll back.  Sometimes he'll wake up at night crying and we'll come in to find him face down in the corner of his crib.  We just flip him over and put in his binky.  Silly boy!

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Doug & April said...

The bottom picture is so wonderful!!