Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Honeymoon!

Jonathan and I are now official! We got married on Saturday June 7th (pictures of the wedding reception to follow in about a week) Anyway, because we are now a single family unit we are merging our blogs for time and all eternity into one. As you can see we kept my title and Jonathan's cool "extras." Note the URL: blog.Jonathanclare.com

We got back from the honeymoon on Sunday night after spending a wonderful week in the Mayan Riviera. We stayed at a resort about 20 minutes south of Cancun. This place is amazing! It was very humid but overcast most of the week and breezy which made it not too hot. The ocean is amazingly blue-green and the sand is just powder. The resort also had pools and we spent all week in our swimsuits. We took a day excursion to some Mayan ruins which I will devote another blog to and I got to go swimming in an underground pool. We got massages and spa treatments one day and overate everyday! on the delicious food (another blog will be devoted to this subject as well.) Every night there where performances with dancing or circus type acts. Everyone was very nice to us. In short we had a great trip and were thoroughly pampered the whole time. Here are just a few pictures.
fountain and courtyardmain poolcheck out all the cabanas (prime "lounging by the pool" space)

Another courtyard area--the resort was particularly beautiful at night.
Here's some of the plant life. We noticed when we flew in that the entire region, besides roads and built areas, is covered in dense high vegetation. When driving it is literally a wall of green to your left and a wall of green to your right.When we arrived at our room there were rose petals on the bed and fresh flowers and fresh fruit on the table. Please note our complementary his and hers hats and polo shirts. This is the main temple at Chichen-Itza. We took a day trip to the Mayan ruins and took a ton of pictures. (I'll share those in my next blog--very cool stuff)
Us, on the 'moon.


Buppa H said...

Beautiful! Welcome back.

Andy Norman said...

Yes forget the accommodations and pretty countryside, and exploring ancient civilizations, it was the hat and polo shirts that made the trip now wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Somebody sounds like they want a free shirt and hat too... That way you would fit right in with tennis club. Actually, Anna probably would not mind giving you hers, she had her own green hat that she wore. Hopefully those pictures will make it into one of the posts. You would have loved it, ocean view, all inclusive meals, lots of activities for couples, and a bunny day care.

Melanie said...

wow you guys, wow!! i can't wait for more pictures! did the polo shirts say, "i came to the mayan ruins and all i got was this tshirt" ??

the letter "J" said...

How fun!! I want a do over for my honeymoon, Vegas pales in comparison with Cancun!!