Thursday, May 29, 2008

I miss...

Things I miss
I miss that everything used to taste better when I was a kid. I swear, Tricks, Capt’n Crunch, all cereal tasted better back then.
I miss the summer, and by that I mean summer break. As a child I couldn’t fathom not getting 3 months off.
I miss Saturday morning cartoons, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THEM?
Speaking of which, I miss good cartoons in general. Have you seen what passes for entertainment these days? Half thought out plots with no story line, mindless sloppy animation that barley can pass for cartoons. And don’t get me started on live kid shows, kid sitcoms are even worse, and the whole Mighty Morphing Power flavor of the week needs to die! Can you see what I am truly passionate about? I miss the old Looney Tunes, you had an orchestra playing in the background with smart humor both adults and children could enjoy. And I bet you are now wondering, “Hey, why don’t I see those cartoons anymore?” Because they are too violent and not ethically sterile and pc… grrrrrrrrrrrr. The world is going to pc itself to extinction. I will admit that I enjoy Sponge Bob Square Pants, but that is a whole other blog all by itself.
I miss Chocolate; this is not a deterioration of society, but a deterioration of my own body’s ability to digest chocolate. What I would give to be able to eat a symphony bar, or a Reese’s pieces peanut butter cup. A Nestles crunch bar or 3 musketeers.
I miss regular soda, though I have become accustomed to diet, I lament the days of carefree soda consumption, back when my body could fight high calories more efficiently.
I miss good TV, shows like Happy Days, I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, and many more.
I miss movies that were good on their own merit and story line, and did not need to be infused with cheap marketing ploys that glamorize sex and violence.
I miss being able to super size at McDonalds.
I miss the simplicity of life.
I miss Music on MTV
I miss music on the radio in the mornings
I miss going to San Diego every summer to visit my grandma
I miss Andy's Mezo "isms"
I missed mentioning that I missed Cadbury eggs for Easter under my chocolate lament.
I miss going to the movies for less than 10 bucks, I miss matinee’s for under 5
I miss Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables performing full time in SF
I miss how good things used to taste
I miss tart n tinies… the un-sugar coated kind… the original
I miss the people mover and skyway at Disneyland
I miss Horizon’s in Epcot Center
I miss the days when I did not have to pay taxes
I miss my tree fort
I miss recess
I miss primary
I miss my building blocks
I miss being able to ride in a car without paying any attention to the road
I miss Calvin and Hobbes
I miss Santa… nough said
I miss my bike that got stolen when I was 10
I miss going to Disneyland without a care in the world
I miss my old CRX that got 43 miles to the gallon
I miss waking up at the crack of dawn for Christmas
I miss gas being just under a dollar… yes I can remember that.
I miss my pets; their lives are too short in comparison to our own. We spend years growing attached, and then they are gone. I guess this does not hold true if you own a bird, but if you do, you are already crazy and you have no perception of time.
I especially miss my ferrets… I can’t say anything else right now…
After just inducing that sad memory… I miss Anna, and wish she was here to hug me and tell me it is going to be alright.
I miss the innocence of my youth when these kinds of losses could be made better with my mom’s embrace.
I miss not having things to miss…
I miss Dexter; I miss his little pink nose. I miss coming home and seeing his head bobbing up and down in the cage, excited to be let out. I miss seeing his head pop out of the cube when he would lazily look at me. I miss his legs hanging out of the cube when he sleeps. I miss seeing him roam the yard looking for things that captured his interest. I miss his little inquisitive eyes that would peer out of the tube, looking at me. I miss the noise he would make when he would eat, I miss that I missed seeing him one last time, and I wish I could have missed seeing him cuddled up next to his brother in the cage…for the last time.
I miss Scout; I miss his little raccoon looking face. I miss seeing him get angry when Dexter would have his entire head in the food dish. I miss feeling him run around my legs, and getting so excited that he would fall sideways. I miss his little brown nose, and the barking noise he would make when he slept. I miss watching him sleep on top of his brother. I miss watching him learn day to day patience with his brother when Dexter went blind. I miss seeing him under the bush sleeping in his favorite spot. I miss trying to quickly close the door to the house before he would sneak inside. I miss those days when I did'nt have to cry, because I missed them. I wish that I could miss them and not have to cry uncontrollably.
I miss my original point to this post.
Again, right now I miss Anna
I miss you guys...


stina said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your ferrets. Its rough losing a pet - they really do feel like members of the family sometimes. I used to plot ways that I could get my cat cuddles to be a part of our family forever. And yes, I was hoping there was some kind of sealing ceremony for beloved pets, or that maybe no one would notice she was a cat. Sorry - is that totally inappropriate?

On a lighter note, I often complain about kids cartoons these days, too, although my favorite for a long time was Scooby Doo, and I'd get so baffled when my dad claimed that it was always the same. Come on dad, not at all!! I, too, love Spongebob. Have you seen the one where they go camping and Squidward keeps doing things that will lure the feared sea bear? I haven't seen a ton of episodes, but my kids aren't old enough to get all the humor so I just crack up all by myself.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

No it isn't, in fact it makes me happy to think of them in such a way. I find the hardest thing is not understanding exactly what happens to them. On what kind of level do they exist, and if I become attached to them, can they reach a newer level of existence? Not understanding what happens leaves me feeling a little lonely. It seems unfair to grow so attached to an animal, almost to the point where they are human, and then loose them... There has to be a reason for this... right? I don't know, I am just rambling... Thank you for your warm felt sympathies.

Man we are so cartoon aholics, I too loved Scooby doo, and looking back, I guess it was a little corny. The animation was still better than today’s standards, and even though the stories might have seemed similar, they followed a logical story, instead of mindless humor that exists now. I loved Scooby doo so much; actually there is a funny story about that. I was born in November, and because of this, I am right at the cut off line for school, i.e. when you start. So when my mom asked me if I wanted to go into the 1st grade, or stay in Kindergarten, my decision was based on my ability to watch Scooby Doo. In theory, Scooby might have made me take Kindergarten twice. :-) I have seen that episode, along with a ton of others. I think the reason why I do like it is because it is funny on multiple levels. I have been watching that show for the past 7 years... I hate to admit that I never grew out of cartoons, I like them better than anything on TV currently. By the way, Scooby Doo is on cartoon network again, check local listings and get the kids acquainted with the classics.