Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok, so I know that it has been a while… a long while… maybe more than a while… more like a month… there is good reason though. Before I get started, I want to share what has been consuming so much of my idle time.

About a month ago, I was climbing with my friend Cris and my photography website became the topic of the conversation. He had mentioned that navigating the photos was difficult, and that the design had some flaws and was not conducive to good internet browsing. I realized that he was right; it was not originally designed to support as many photos as I had posted, and therefore was loosing its ability to work properly. I basically had too many pictures, and the site was not able to browse them efficiently… seen below.So a new redesigned site was born. I started drawing out plans of what I wanted it to look like, while at the same time maintaining the original look for nostalgia. What should have been a couple of tweaks and quick fixes ended up becoming a full blown make over. The more I redesigned it, the more stuff I wanted to add, and as I did, it kept getting larger and larger. Ultimately the project took me a month; keep in mind, I do this in my spare time, an hour here, a half hour there. I will admit, however, that I spent way too much time doing this. Unfortunately, the cost was sacrificing all other hobbies. It seems that once I get started on something I become determined, if not a little obsessed, with finishing it, while putting other things on hold. So anyway, check it out at http://www.clarephotography.com/. Here is a screen shot seen below.I should return back to normal schedule this week,



Andy Norman said...

Been a while? By the time the website loaded there had already been a new posting...
That statement could either be taken as:
A) posts so often and quickly that by the time you see the new one, a newer one had been added.
B) website takes so long to load by the time it had loaded, weeks later, a new post had been added.

Anonymous said...

Humm.... I can not image why I have not felt compelled to come back when I am faced with such ridicule. :-) I choose option A... by the way, when you say took to long to load, you are referring to the blog site... right? Not the photography site... right? I am feeling generous today, I will remove the scrolling pictures... will that suffice? By the way, love the bunny Cheerio incident.